The Yanhe-Wujiang River Gorge Scenic Area


The Yanhe-Wujiang River Gorge Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

The Yanhe-Wujiang River Gorge Scenic Area is a nationalscenic spot and a 4A tourist attraction in China. It is an important part of the tourism route that includes the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Wujiang River Gorge, Fanjing Mountain Nature Reserve, and Zhangjiajie Forest Park.

The Wujiang River, formerly known as the Bajiang and later renamed the Yanjiang. In the Tang Dynasty, the section of the river in Sinan was referred to as Neijiang, which was later changed to Dejiang. It is the largest tributary on the right bank of the upper Yangtze River. The Wujiang River originates from Weinong County in Guizhou Province, flows through Yanhe County in Guizhou and enters Wanyu Township and Gongtan Ancient Town in Youyang Autonomous County of Chongqing. It then passes through Pengshui Autonomous County before joining the Yangtze River in Fuling, Chongqing. The section from Pengshui Autonomous County and Gongtan Ancient Town in Youyang to Yanhe County in Guizhou, spanning about 100 kilometers, is renowned as the “Thousand-Mile Wujiang, Hundred-Mile Gallery”.

The landscape elements of the Wujiang River Gallery include magnificent mountains, peculiar rocks, clear waters, dangerous rapids, ancient towns, gallery bridges, cableways, and hanging coffins. Mei Ruoweng, a poet from the Qing Dynasty, praised them, saying, “The mountains and waters in Shu region are extraordinary, and this place should be ranked first”.