The Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Area


The Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

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The Nine-Dragon Cave Scenic Area is about 17 kilometers from Tongren City in Guizhou Province. Covering an area of 245 square kilometers, it stretches from Baihualang Scenic Spot in Bahuang Town to Yangtou Town, which also has the sights of some other caves such as Huangla, Qingming, and Tian’e.

The Nine-Dragon Cave has three renowned halls. The first is a somewhat flat-roofed hall with appealing scenery like the waterfall cave, a dragon with a ball in its mouth, a lion with a tower on its back, a long sword piercing towards the sky and a white elephant. The second is also flat-roofed, with exquisite stone curtain designs. One can also see a dancing fairy, a golden cockerel, jade pillars and silver flowers.

The third hall is the real gem of the Nine-Dragon Cave. Its roof is round and estimated to accommodate ten thousand people. In the hall stand six massive pillars, each about 30 meters in height. A proud peacock, a golden whelk, a roaring lion, a lobster coming out of its hiding and dragons climbing on the pillars are some of the features one must observe. In addition, there is a giant jellyfish about nine meters high.