Foding Mountain


Foding Mountain

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The main peak of Foding Mountain is located in the southern part of Ganxi Township, Shiqian County, with an elevation of 1,869 meters. It stands gracefully like a beautiful lady hidden in a deep chamber, embellishing the Wuling Mountains with its diverse and elegant demeanor. The natural scenery and cultural landscapes of Foding Mountain are on par with those of Fanjingshan(Mount Fanjing), making it a sacred Buddhist site throughout history.

Foding Mountain is rich in water resources. According to the scientific investigation collection “Scientific Research on the Foding Mountain Nature Reserve in Guizhou” published by the Chinese Forestry Publishing House, the water in the area is colorless, odorless, clear, transparent, and sweet-tasting. It has the function of aiding digestion, promoting metabolism, and enhancing health.

The trickling streams in the forest converge to form a deep and tranquil gorge, creating a picturesque scene. Above Xiniutan, a “white silk” cascades down from the sky, creating countless splashes and gently falling onto the pond’s surface. Approaching closer, a fine mist shrouds the surroundings, damping one’s hair and clothes. There are six or seven waterfalls of similar sizes scattered throughout Foding Mountain. Clear springs, flowers, grass, forests, and animals weave together to create a picturesque and poetic landscape in Foding Mountain.