Fanjingshan(Mount Fanjing)


Fanjingshan(Mount Fanjing)

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News,

Fanjingshan(Mount Fanjing), located in Tongren City in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, is a sacred mountain known for its natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural significance. It has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The altitude of Fanjingshan ranges from 480 to 2,570 meters above sea level. The mountain is described as “an island of metamorphic rock in a sea of karst”. Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve was established in 1978. The relative isolation of the mountains creates an ideal home for many plants and animals. Endemic species such as the Guizhou Golden Monkey and Fanjingshan Fir have found their home here.

As the biodiversity hub of China, Fanjingshan contains over 2,000 different plants and 801 animals, and many of them originated in the Tertiary period (between 65 million and 2 million years ago). Endangered species such as the Chinese Giant Salamander, the Forest Musk Deer, and the Reeve’s Pheasant roam freely in the forests.

The name “Fanjing” means “Brahma’s Pure Land”. But this mountain is considered a sacred mountain in Chinese Buddhism not just because of the long history of Buddhism here but because of the natural phenomenon caused by cloud, fog and light that adds mysterious elements to this place.