Yuping Dong Town Scenery Park


Yuping Dong Town Scenery Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

Yuping Dong Town Scenery Park is a national 4A tourist attraction located in Tianping Town, Yuping Dong Autonomous County. It is 32 kilometers away from Tongren City and 35 kilometers away from Yuping County.

The Wind and Rain Bridge is one of the symbols of Dong architecture, and the Yuping Dong Town Scenery Park has also built an exquisite Wind and Rain Tower. In the center of the square, there is another representative Dong architecture, the Tianyun Tower. The ancient Drum Tower stands tall and majestic on the square, and is the iconic building of the scenic area. The four main pillars and twelve pillars on the side have the beautiful meaning of “wealth every season, peace every year”.

The Dong Drum Tower is the most representative architecture of the Dong people, and it is also the representative of the Dong cultural system. Dong villages usually have the saying “see the Drum Tower first, then the Dong village”. The Drum Tower is extremely important to the Dong people. Walking into the Yuping Dong Town Scenery Park and looking up, the Drum Tower is magnificent, and the entire tower is combined with mortise and tenon joints without using a single nail.

The Yuping Nostalgia Museum is located inside the scenic area. The entire museum has a quadrangle layout and is a representative work of Dong intangible cultural heritage woodwork, as well as a city-level nostalgia museum.