Town of Ming Paradise


Town of Ming Paradise

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News,

The town of Ming Paradise is located on the eastern edge of Tongren and spreads out alongside the right bank of the Jinjiang River. It is adjacent to Fenghuang county, Zhangjiajie city, and Fanjingshan (Mount Fanjing).

Based on historical accounts from the Ming dynasty, embodying the culture of the Ming dynasty, focusing on the military of the Ming dynasty, and rich with regional characteristics, the town is designed to showcase the 600-year history of Guizhou since the Ming Dynasty.

Tourists can eat, shop, live, tour, and engage in all kinds of entertainment in the town, making it the most significant comprehensive historical and cultural tourism spot in southwest China.

Tongren is situated on the border between Guizhou, Hunan, and Chongqing. The surrounding terrain has made it an invaluable place of refuge and exile throughout history. The well-known South Great Wall also started in Tongren. During the Ming Dynasty, many cultures mingled in Tongren, creating a unique regional culture with distinct characteristics.

Ming Paradise is divided into eight sections: a performance square, a marketplace, a military zone, a dragon boat camp, a fishery village, a historical winery, a water playground, and a children’s pavilion.

As a town of culture and history, Ming Paradise is expected to become an iconic showcase for the 600-year history of Guizhou.