Xingyi Geopark


Xingyi Geopark

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Xingyi Geopark is located southwest of the Guizhou Plateau in Xingyi City. Xingyi Geopark is mainly characterized by the Triassic “Xingyi Fauna” fossils. It is dominated by a karst landscape, covering a total area of 1456 km². The Triassic strata have a place of 1288.25 km², accounting for 88.47% of the geopark, of which the carbonate rock stratum covers 1066.88 km², accounting for 73.27% of the geopark.

Xingyi Geopark is located on the southwestern margin of the Yangtze Block, covering the Yangtze stratigraphy region and the Youjiang stratigraphy region; It is composed mainly of Triassic strata accounting for about 90% of the total geopark area, which is continuously exposed, ranging from types of deep ocean deposits to shallow sea platform deposits, and continental strata, with a complete facies boundary.

Xingyi Geopark exhibits two classic aesthetic examples: Wanfenglin consists of more than 20,000 magnificent pyramidal karst peaks, and Maling River Canyon, which features 100 waterfalls and more than two million square meters of bio-tufa on both sides.