Wanfenglin Scenic Area


Wanfenglin Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: ddcpc.cn

An enticing alternative to the heavily visited classic destinations of Guilin (famous for its karst scenery) and lakeside Dali in Yunnan province, Wanfenglin, roughly translated as the “forest of 10,000 peaks”, promises both unforgettable views and a respite from maddening crowds.

The incredible formation is located in the southern part Xingyi city, and is a 4A tourism scenic spot and a national geological park.The region can be divided into the east peak forest and west peak forest. The western part, located near Wutun town, can be easily accessed by the public. Accompanied by lush farmland, tortuous rivers, ancient towns and luxuriant green forests, the peak forest creates a picturesque landscape.

Among the peaks, two springs are very special. One is called “female spring” from which water gushes out every four to six minutes and the other is the “male spring”. The two springs are said to be like a couple, always staying together and remaining as clear as a mirror all year long.

Other scenic spots at Wanfenglin include ancient temples and military camps near Zhengtun village. The heritages of Guizhou Dragon fossil and Xingyi people are also located in the peak forests.