The Zhaodi Scenic Spot


The Zhaodi Scenic Spot

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News, Sina News

Lying in the northeastern suburb of Anlong County, Guizhou Province, the Zhaodi Scenic Spot is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and splendid historical culture. Hills surround the spot on three sides, with the county on the fourth side covering an area of approximately 5 square kilometers.

The Zhaodi is lined by weeping willows on both sides. This dyke was initially built in 1694, in the Qing Dynasty. In successive eras, the dyke was added to in height by several meters. Initially, the dyke was created to protect the city wall, prevent floods and promote communications and was donated by Zhao Guolin, a military officer of the Qing Dynasty. It took over one year to build the dyke. Later, to commemorate his contributions, the dyke was named Zhaodi.

Around the dyke, there are numerous views. To the eastern end of the dyke stands a grand archway and to the south, a paddy field that directly leads to the county. A lake, the Green Sea, lies north of the dyke, covering an area of 98 acres.

The west of the dyke is connected to a hill. Pavilions built in different dynasties can be found here and there on the mountain. Many stone carvings have been left here. In 1848 during the Qing Dynasty, a pond was opened on the side of the dyke. Later, it became a lotus pond with Five Lotus-Enjoying Pavilions above it. A long bridge links these pavilions together. The lotus gives off a fragrant smell when flowering.