The Yunhu Mountain


The Yunhu Mountain

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The Yunhu Mountain is located in Lubuge Town, southwestern Xingyi City. It enjoys a unique geographical advantage and has a mild and humid climate. The area is abundant in wild flora and fauna resources and features karst ecological landscapes. It is home to a population of national second-class protected animals, macaques, and well-preserved Yi ethnic villages.

Entering the Yunhu Mountain, visitors can explore the karst ecological shrub forests and enjoy the breathtaking views of clouds, mountains, mist, and the iconic Asia’s first inclined tower. They can experience the beauty of sunrise in the east, steep cliffs, and tranquil valley baths. Climbing up Yunhu Mountain, one can witness the brilliance of the sun and moon, admire the sunrise over the sea of clouds, capturing the essence of the landscape that truly embodies the poetic and picturesque scenery described as “overlooking the mountains”.

Within the Yunhu Mountain Scenic Area, there are well-preserved Yi ethnic villages. Here, visitors can experience the spirit of the Yi people, who have demonstrated bravery, perseverance, optimism, and upward mobility throughout their long journey of development. They have shown great rationality in their approach to production, life, science, and culture, as well as reverence and resilience in the face of the universe, nature, and natural disasters. In the evenings, young men and women in the village gather in a relatively flat area, lighting a roaring fire and donning Yi ethnic costumes to invite you to sing Yi folk songs and dance traditional Yi dances.