Maling River Canyon Scenic Spot


Maling River Canyon Scenic Spot

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source:, Sina News

The Maling River Canyon, located 4 kilometers northeast of Xingyi City, is known as the “Valley of Great Chasm and Numerous Waterfalls”. In 1994, it was put by the then Ministry of Construction on the country’s third list of national parks. The Maling River originates in the Baiguo Mountain of the Wumeng Mountains in Yunnan Province. It is called the Qingshui River in the upper reaches, and the Maling River in the middle reaches for the Grand Mabie Village and Maling Village on the banks. This spectacular valley is the world’s most typical and intact example of the karst landscape.

The Maling River Canyon is a typical example of multi-tiered karst landforms famous for its crevices, valleys, waterfalls, and hanging travertine walls. As experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have commented, it incorporates the magnificence of the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the thrill of the Three Gorges, the wonder of Huanglong, the beauty of the Jiuzhai Valley, and the elegance of Guilin.

You can also find cliff paintings, countless springs, and many caves. When looking up from the riverbed, you may find a heavenly ravine against the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds; when looking down from the canyon bridge to the bottom of the valley, you may find the fast-flowing river is just like a fissure of the earth. The intact original landscape and fantastic rock paintings make southwestern China a natural wonder.