Fangmaping Scenic Area


Fangmaping Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

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Fangmaping Scenic Area is located southwest of Guizhou and is 24 kilometers from Xingren City. It has beautiful scenery and enjoys the reputation of a highland beyond the Great Wall. Its 33.3 square kilometers karst landform is rare on the Guizhou Highland. There are 1,400 hectares of grassland and 499.3 hectares of forest with thousands of sheep and cattle. The central scenic spot includes Manai Barracks, Manai Sinkhole and White Dragon Cave.

Manai Barracks lies at the northeast corner of the Fangmaping. It was the headquarters of Long Jizhao from the end of the Ming Dynasty to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. In 1660, Long Jizhao wanted to topple the government. Qing official Zhao Tingchen led soldiers in three sections to suppress him in November. Long Jizhao was besieged in Manai Barracks by Zhao, who ordered the army to fire on the village and beheaded Jizhao in February. The relics of Manai Barracks are witness to this history.

Manai Sinkhole is 4 kilometers from the edge of the Fangmaping. It is a natural silo with a diameter of about 200 meters and a depth of 486 meters, 66 meters deeper than the sinkhole of Gesuohe Canyon in Pan County. White Dragon Cave is about one-kilometer southwest of the Fangmaping. It is hot in winter, and spring water flows in the cave.