The Wantun Han Tomb Group


The Wantun Han Tomb Group

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: movement.gzstv

The Wantun Han Tomb Group is 35 kilometers northeast of Xingyi City in Wantun Town. The distribution area is approximately 65.61 square kilometers, and it is one of the critical Han tomb sites in Guizhou with a wide distribution area and large quantity.

So far, nine tombs have been excavated. From the excavated tombs, the tombs in this group have various forms, such as pit, brick chamber, stone chamber, and the graves are large in scale and complex in structure. Hundreds of precious cultural relics, including bronze chariots and horses, lifting bronze pots, pottery rice field models, and Han bricks, have been unearthed. These cultural relics have not only high historical and scientific research value but also high artistic value. Through the research of the unearthed cultural relics, it is determined that the Wantun Han Tomb Group was built during the period of Emperor Andi to Emperor Lingdi in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.

From the analysis of tomb forms and unearthed cultural relics, this tomb group has a close connection with the Xingren Jiaole Han Tomb Group on the north side and Han tombs in Chongqing, which makes it a significant source of information to explore the development of the Han dynasty in Guizhou, the establishment of counties and counties, and the head of Han immigrants.