The Guizhou Dragon Fossil Group


The Guizhou Dragon Fossil Group

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News,

The Guizhou Dragon Fossil Group is located in Wusha Town, Xingyi City. It is a representative Triassic marine reptile group member and is well-known in the international academic community.

The People’s Government of Guizhou Province has announced the fossil site as a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit. Since the Guizhou Dragon fossil was discovered by Chinese geologist Hu Chengzhi in 1957 in the Triassic strata of Lvyin Village, the fossil group was named by the late Chinese paleontologist Yang Zhongjian – the Keichousaurus hui.

The Keichousaurus hui is 240 million years old and belongs to Reptilia, subclass Diapsida, order Ichthyosauria, and family Shastasauridae. It was the first time it had been discovered in China and Asia. Due to the broad area of the animal’s habitat, the variety of species, and the abundant reserves, Xingyi is known as the “hometown of dragons”.

With further research in recent years, many marine reptile fossils have been discovered in southwest China. They constitute a long-lasting and diverse group of marine vertebrates from the late Triassic to the early Triassic, named the Guizhou Dragon fauna. The Guizhou Dragon is several tens of centimeters long, with a maximum size of generally only around 30 centimeters.