The Ameiqituo Town


The Ameiqituo Town

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

The Ameiqituo Town is located in Qinglong County. Ameiqituo is a traditional folk dance from Qinglong County, and is recognized as one of the national intangible cultural heritage items.

Based on the traditional living and working scenes of the Yi and Miao ethnic groups, the town has created cultural squares with gold, silver, and bronze doors. The Moon Lake Water Recreation and Leisure Center and the Love Corridor are built based on Yi ethnic love legends.

The brown reinforced concrete buildings with strong Yi ethnic style are constructed on the mountainside, and the stepped architectural layout fully demonstrates the unique characteristics of mountain architecture, embodying the design concept of harmonizing with the mountain and following the natural path.

In the planning, the local minority culture elements are cleverly incorporated by using “ox heads” and “tiger heads” in the architectural layout, adding a sense of mystery to the local minority culture. The architectural style adopts traditional Chinese architectural style, with colorful curved sloping roofs and courtyard-style buildings, presenting a spacious environment. The town not only has landscapes and cultural performances that better match the ethnic characteristics but also provides visitors with a new consumer experience.