Nanlong Buyi Village


Nanlong Buyi Village

by Live in Guizhou

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Nanlong Buyi Village is a typical Buyi village in Xingren City of Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. With a history of nearly 600 years, the town, built around mountains, has more than 200 households.

Nanlong Buyi Village is filled with an ethnic culture atmosphere. Buyi people are hospitable to guests. Different regions in China have different customs for the Spring Festival celebration. In southwestern Guizhou Province, the Buyi ethnic group makes five-color sticky rice to pray for good fortune and a bumper harvest in the new year.

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, Buyi people cook five-color sticky rice: black, red, purple, yellow and white. The colorful sticky rice is good for health. Black rice nurtures the spleen and stomach; red rice protects the heart; purple rice is good for the liver; yellow and white rice – is for the eyes and lungs.

The dish has five layers of colors, representing the Buyi people’s respect for their ancestors and gratitude for nature. The black rice at the bottom means earth; purple and red at the second the third layer signals sun; yellow is nature, and white at the top is the sky.