Double Third festival of Buyi


Double Third festival of Buyi

by Live in Guizhou

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In southwestern Guizhou province, the Double Third Festival of Buyi is the grandest occasion of the year. Passed down to the present day, this festival has become a celebration of gratitude to nature, and ancestors, embodying the unity and friendliness of the ethnic group. Especially in Wangmo and Zhenfeng counties, where the Buyi population is concentrated, the streets are packed with people, and the festivities are lively during the festival each year.

Wangmo county has the largest population of Buyi people in China, with the best preserved traditional culture and the most profound cultural heritage. In June 2011, it was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. During the festival, the Buyi people sing and dance, and the adults usually visit their children’s in-laws to exchange five-color flower glutinous rice. Young men and women gather to share five-color flower glutinous rice, talk heart-to-heart and express their feelings through mountain songs and improvisational tunes.

The Double Third Festival of Buyi embodies the Buyi people’s deep affection for their families, villages, and hometowns, expressing their yearning and enthusiasm for a better life. It is an important cultural symbol for inheriting Buyi’s traditional moral and ethical values.