Jiangjie River Scenic Area


Jiangjie River Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

The Wujiang River is the largest river in Guizhou Province and the largest tributary of the upper Yangtze River. The section of the Wujiang River that flows through Weng’an County is commonly known as Jiangjie River. Located in the middle reaches of the Wujaing River, it spans a total length of 52 kilometers and is the most charming segment of the river. In 1995, it was designated as a provincial scenic spot and successfully declared a national scenic spot in December 2009.

Jiangjie River Scenic Area showcases a diverse and complex landscape, with mountains, hills, and basins interweaving throughout the region. The Jiangjie River, which runs through the scenic area, features clear and flowing water. The “Zhentian Cave” viewpoint offers a spectacular sight of the river’s turbulent waves and thunderous roars, providing a rich visual experience. The scenic area combines natural landscapes, canyon scenery, revolutionary historical sites, pristine forests, karst caves, and modern bridge architecture.