Daxiaojing Scenic Area


Daxiaojing Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: ddcpc.cn

Daxiaojing Scenic Area is located in Moyang Town, Luodian County. It has an average annual temperature of 19.5 degrees Celsius, making it a natural greenhouse. “Daxiaojing” refers to two Buyi villages, Dajing Village and Xiaojing Village, with the Dajing River flowing through between.

Featuring more than 2400-acre virgin forest, 99 karst-cave group, and many sinkholes, it is praised as the “Oriental Cave Museum”, and its beautiful scenery is said to be comparable to the Fontaine de Vaucluse, a famous scenic area in France.

Daxiaojing benefits from its unique ecological environment, rare and magical karst cave groups, diverse biological diversity, beautiful natural scenery, picturesque rural landscapes, pleasant climate, enchanting legends, and simple folk customs. It is a rare haven for tourism and a treasure trove for scientific research. For many years, it remained hidden in the remote mountains, shielded from the ravages of modern civilization.

Daxiaojing Scenic Area mainly consists of clear green rivers, towering ancient banyan trees, lush phoenix-tail bamboo, extraordinary karst caves, mysterious sinkholes, dense primitive forests, and grasslands resembling green carpets. Thousands of rare plants and animals thrive within it. In addition, the simple and unique ethnic customs of the local Buyi people, rich and distinctive ethnic characteristics, and beautiful and captivating legends have made it a renowned scenic area both at home and abroad.