Yaoshan Ancient Village


Yaoshan Ancient Village

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: liboyaoshan.com

Yaoshan Ancient Village is located within Lapian and Gulei Village in Yaoshan Yao Township, Libo County. It is 35 kilometers from the county seat and only 3 kilometers from the Xiaoqikong Scenic Area.

It is the main settlement of the Baiku Yao and covers an area of 3.6 square kilometers. The natural village is well-preserved, and the rich and colorful Yao customs are fully displayed here, making it an ideal place for people to experience and appreciate Yao culture.

The Baiku Yao is a branch of the Yao ethnic group. They refer to themselves as “Buno” and are called “Baiku Yao” because men wear white knee-length trousers.

Their rich and colorful folk customs, such as unique funerals, clothing, headwear, marriage, rat-catching, worship, spinning tops, and bronze drum cultures, have attracted worldwide attention. UNESCO has recognized the Baiku Yao ethnic group as the ethnic group with the most complete preservation of its cultural heritage.