Gejing Bridge


Gejing Bridge

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

Gejing Bridge, is located 2.5 kilometers southeast of Fuquan City, Guizhou Province. In 2006, Gejing Bridge, as a Ming Dynasty ancient architecture, was included in the sixth batch of national key cultural heritage protection units by the State Council.

Legend has it that Mahajiang River was a must-pass location on the ancient Jingdian post road during the Ming Dynasty. Every spring and summer, there would be floods, causing inconvenience to travelers. During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, a local resident named Ge Jing decided to build a bridge for the convenience of travel. However, Ge Jing failed twice in his attempts to build the bridge.

Zhang Sanfeng, a legendary Taoist master, happened to pass by and learned about Ge Jing’s unsuccessful attempts. He appeared in Ge Jing’s dream and instructed him to step on a spot on the riverbank with the words “foundation stone” written on it. Zhang Sanfeng also instructed that every household in Fuquan City must grind a box of tofu and move it to the banks of Mahajiang River before the rooster crowed in the morning, only then would the bridge be successfully built. In the end, Zhang Sanfeng used his magic to transform the tofu into stones, helping Ge Jing successfully build the bridge before the arrival of the flood.

Gejing Bridge spanning across the steep cliffs on both sides of Mahajiang River. After more than 400 years, it remains as strong as ever. Mao Yisheng, a renowned bridge expert, praised it as “a challenging engineering feat, magnificent and grand, and the crown jewel of bridges in Southwest China” in his book “A History of Bridge Technology in China”.