Yuntai Mountain


Yuntai Mountain

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: China Daily

Yuntai Mountain is located in the north of Shibing County, Guizhou Province, and is a landform of dolomite karst. Because the mountain stands out in the midst of the clouds, the mountaintop is like a platform, and clouds and mist surround it, hence the name Yuntai Mountain.

Yuntai Mountain is characterized by its original natural environment, astronomical wonders, scenic peaks and waters, Buddhist relics, Taoist temples, and other natural and cultural landscapes. There are nearly 400 rare plants and nearly 100 rare animals, making it known as a “treasure trove of plants and animals” and a tourist destination for exploring and enjoying the beauty of Guizhou’s eastern region.

The charm of Yuntai Mountain lies in the clouds. On summer mornings, when visitors climb Yuntai Mountain, they can see a magnificent sea of clouds. The clouds and mist are drifting and shifting rapidly, sometimes thick and sometimes thin, sometimes gathering and sometimes dispersing.

This makes the unique rocks and ancient vines of Yuntai Mountain appear and disappear like shy beauties, or like immortals revealing themselves, intriguing and enchanting. When the sun rises, the clouds rise and the sky is colorful, changing in an instant, like a mirage. Looking far into the mountains is like a constantly changing magic painting.