Leigongshan Nature Reserve


Leigongshan Nature Reserve

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

Located 15 kilometers east of Kaili City, Leigongshan is the most intriguing scenic area of the Miaoling Mountains and the highest peak within the mountain ranges in the southeast of Guizhou Province.

Thunderstorms are often heard in the mountains each summer; thus, Leigongshan is rumored to be where the God of Thunder lives. It became a National Nature Reserve due to its abundance of valuable and rare animals, overlapping mountain ridges, flourishing verdant plants and historical war remains.

The top of Leigongshan Nature Reserve is often reached at 2178.8 meters. Guests will admire the sunset, fancy the sunrise, and even have a panoramic read of the Miaoling Mountains. An oversized variety of rare animals wandering among the virgin forests could help one feel one has come to the great nature. The climate in Leigongshan is usually rainy and wet and changes constantly, creating summer as comfy as spring and autumn, which helps it a perfect summer resort for tourists.

On the summit of Leigongshan, there’s square water well. The rain cannot fill it, and drought cannot dry it. This strange well was said to be dug by Yang Daliu and Zhang Xiumei, who led the native Miao ethnic groups to rebel against the tyranny of the Qing authority.