Jiabang Rice Terraces


Jiabang Rice Terraces

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

Jiabang Rice Terraces are located in the northeastern part of Jiabang Township, deep within Moon Mountain in the western region of Congjiang County. They are situated 80 kilometers away from the county seat. They are considered one of the most beautiful terraced fields in China.

Scattered among these terraced fields are the unique stilted houses of the Miao ethnic group, resembling planets dotted in the galaxy. Adjacent to the Jiache River, the Jiabang Rice Terraces benefit from abundant yearly rainfall. Regardless of the season, layers of clouds and mist slowly rise from the river every morning, enveloping the beautiful terraced fields and the stilted houses of the Miao village. When viewed from a distance, these partially visible stilted houses appear elusive, ethereal, and shrouded in mist, creating a dreamlike illusion.

Golden terraces filled with luscious rice crops can be seen from September through October. After that, crops are harvested, and the decks are transformed into a photogenic mirror-like landscape when farmers irrigate the land. The approximately 10,000 mu farmland would glitter as the terraces are irrigated during bright winter days. Oil residue from the rapeseed crops of the autumn harvest reflects various colors, creating an attractive spot for visitors and photographers.