Feiyun Cliff


Feiyun Cliff

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

Feiyun Cliff is located at the foot of Dongpo Mountain, 12 kilometers east of Huangping. It was built in 1443 during the Ming Dynasty and restored several times during the Qing Dynasty. When seen from afar, the great and peculiar cliff is like flying clouds towering in mid-air, which is how it got the name, Feiyun Cliff.

Feiyun Cliff is thickly wooded and the ancient buildings are harmoniously covered with shade. Beautiful nature and manufactured landscapes make cliffs a feature of spring day all year round. So there is no doubt that this is an attractive tourist destination. Walking there, you may feel that you have entered a wonderland. Carving arches have religious mystery and show advanced carving art. Decorated pavilions adorn the courtyard and become a place for people to rest.

There are Buddha statues in the middle of the quiet temple hall, where you can smell the fragrance of fragrant candles from a distance. All these sights and sounds, including the picturesque cliff scenery, the gurgling water among the mountains and the sound of birds in the woods, will wash away your worries and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Wang Yangming, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, said, “Mountains under the heaven compare their beauty in Yunnan and Guizhou while the Feiyun Cliff is the most impressive and representative among them.”