Xiasi Ancient Town


Xiasi Ancient Town

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

Xiasi Ancient Town is a 4A national tourist attraction and a provincial scenic spot in Guizhou Province. It served as the administrative center for the local officials of the Pingding during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Situated downstream of the Pingding River, it was named “Xiasi”, which is renowned as a place of both natural and cultural beauty.

Xiasi Ancient Town is often referred to as the “Pearl on the Qingshui River”. It boasts picturesque mountains and clear waters, and is known as the hometown of Chinese red garlic and zinc-selenium rice. It is also recognized as the birthplace of the famous Xiasi Dog, a breed known worldwide. Moreover, it serves as a prominent kayaking destination, offering thrilling rapids and whirlpools.

In the 13th year of the Jiaqing reign, Xiasi was developed into a commercial port and later became a bustling market during the Republic of China era.The town had both water and land docks, serving as an important hub for goods in the central part of Guizhou. The streets were filled with merchants and caravans, and shops, storehouses, guildhalls, and restaurants operated throughout the night, earning the town the nickname “Little Shanghai”.

On the west bank, the main street still retains a large stone pier and a small pier built in the 44th year of the Qianlong reign during the Qing dynasty. The town is also home to ancient temples such as the Yuwang Palace and Guanyin Pavilion, as well as historical sites of ancient buildings, traditional houses, and ancient lanes.