The Temple of the Miao King


The Temple of the Miao King

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: CGTN, Tencent News

The Temple of the Miao King sits on the west outskirt of Rongjiang County. It is the only temple for the Miao people in China, even globally. Initially, the temple was set up in memory of the Miao people’s ancestors who had developed the local wastelands. For centuries, it has attracted thousands upon thousands of worshippers of the Miao ethnic group from all over China.

Historically, the Temple of the Miao King has witnessed the Miao people’s hardships and difficulties in migrations from central China into the West of China. The temple has an extreme Miao people’s architectural style. It was built with gray bricks, wood, and gray tiles. And its gate faces northwest, which indicates that the Miao people yearn to return to their native land in Central China. There is a very lifelike statue of the Miao King in the temple hall. The figure is about seven feet. The king is barefoot, wears a wrap on his head, and holds a tobacco rod in his hand. On every Tomb-sweeping Day, the Miao people usually offer their prayerful sacrifice to the king’s statue for a better life.

The Mao King’s Temple is acknowledged as a historical mirror of the Miao culture by world ethnologists. It has been filed by the Louvre Museum in Paris and marked by many world tourist maps.