Yushe National Forest Park


Yushe National Forest Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: China Daily

Yushe National Forest Park, located in Shuicheng county in the west of Guizhou province, is the subrange of Wumeng mountain and lies in the upper reaches of Pearl river. The forest park is full of gullies and precipitous ranges, with the highest location rising 2503m from sea level, which proves it is the most elevated national park in Guizhou currently, and the lowest place rising 1700m from sea level. It is 24kilometers from downtown Liupanshui and is conveniently located, accessible by Shuibai railway and Liangshui highway.

The park is abundant in animals and plants, with more than 1000 kinds of plants, among which are more than ten plants under first-class state protection. There are also national protective animals like roebuck, muntjac, golden pheasant, etc. A 2.5km long post road dating back to the beginning of the Ming Dynasty is kept till today, and tourists are attracted by other features like the movie palace named “Yelang palace”, mysterious cultures of Yelang, and numerous legendary tales. Tourists can also appreciate fire brands specific to Yi nationality and comprehend local customs with rich flavor.

Liupanshui was assigned the title “China Cool City” by the meteorological association in August 2005. Yushe forest, with an average temperature of 19.1℃, is the garden of “China Cool City” and the best resort to stay away from the hot summer.