The Zangke River Scenic Area


The Zangke River Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

The Zangke River Scenic Area was constructed in 2013 and with a planning area of 87.48 square kilometers. It was listed as a national 4A tourist resort and a provincial tourist resort in 2019.

The scenic area not only includes the Zangke River, but also three other areas: the Zangke River Scenic Area, the Huilongxi Scenic Area, and the Sa’er Scenic Area, totaling 112 scenic spots. According to Sima Qian’s Records of the Grand Historian, “Yelang is located by the Zangke River, which is over 100 steps wide and wide enough for boats to sail”.

The Zangke River Scenic Area is surrounded by mountains and cliffs, with cliffs and rock formations resembling a cloth bag, giving it the feeling of “one man guarding the pass, but no one able to open it”. The Zangke River rushes through thousands of mountains and valleys, forming unique landscapes of bizarre rocks and stones. The village of Mucheng, said to be the descendants of the Yelang royal family, is known for its brewing of wine and cooking of sugar, with the rich Buyi ethnic culture adding to the exotic tropical scenery, making the Zangke River Scenic Area full of beautiful colors.

Going upstream along the Beipan River, tourists can enjoy the towering cliffs, peaks, and forests of various shapes, as well as various spectacles such as cliffs, caves, peaks, forests, and Danxia landforms along the way.