Niangniang Mountain National Wetland Park


Niangniang Mountain National Wetland Park

by Live in Guizhou

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Situated at the boundary of Pan County and Shuicheng County, Niangniang Mountain Wetland Park has unique characteristics. After being accredited by the State Forestry Bureau, the protection of this wetland and the social values such as scientific education, wetland research, ecological tourism, and recreation can be further promoted.

Niangniang Mountain National Wetland Park is also honored as “China’s most unique highland peat moss wetland” and “the masterpiece of nature of plateau wetland” by CCTV. The strangeness of Niangniang Mountain Wetland lies in the extensive growth of goldilocks moss, a hallmark of alpine peat moss. The thick peat-ringed layer at the top of Niangniang mountain acts like a sponge, storing water from the sky and allowing people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of “Tianshan Waterfall”.

Wetlands have colorful rhododendrons, dense arrow bamboo, and lush forests, so far China’s most preserved unique plateau wetland. The park is 2,319 meters above sea level. The park’s peak offers a view of the majestic peaks, which can be seen over 100 square kilometers on a fine day.

The State Forestry Bureau had recently accredited Niangniang Mountain in Liupanshui as a pilot national wetland park among 131 wetlands. This is another successful application for a national wetland park in Liupanshui after Minghu national wetland park.