Minghu Wetland Park


Minghu Wetland Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

Minghu wetland park is situated in Liupanshui City, along the Shuicheng River in China and aims to restore the ecology of a highly polluted and canalized river. It has been transformed into the city’s lifeline by using native vegetation, removing the old concrete barriers, and replacing them with natural ones.

The park upgraded the urban open spaces and increased the value and accessibility of the urban waterfront. A continuous pedestrian and bicycle pathway helps to integrate the urban recreational and ecological areas by connecting the service center, art museum, commercial development, and residential and school outcomes. A colored bridge called the “Steel Rainbow” curls across the lake. It is a landmark recognizing the city’s long history as an essential industrial base for coal and steel production in southwest China.

The designers took advantage of various topographical features such as a 15 to 20-meter wide green-way and elevation change along the Shuicheng River drainage basin to create a terraced riverfront landscape. By incorporating existing streams, fishponds and low-lying land, they created a site that provides ecological flood control measures. The series of wetlands with various carrying capacities purifies the water from the mountain streams, controlling the flow and allowing it to recharge the groundwater.