Shuicheng Laoguo


Shuicheng Laoguo

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

Laoguo hotpot is an excellent specialty of the Shuicheng district in Liupanshui. The dish’s essence is that “everything can be cooked,” and the soul of the container is a variety of classic dipping sauces.

The process of Shuicheng Laoguo is straightforward and the ingredients are equally simple. The cabbage, stinky tofu, chicken wings, cucumber, squid and so on, just about any element you can think of can be cooked. Once cooked, you can dip them into the dipping sauce prepared by the restaurant with various flavors. One bite of the original ingredients with the desired chili powder can make everyone memorable.

Shuicheng Laoguo is over 300 years old, dating back to the Qing Dynasty. Legend has it that when Wu Sangui, the Prince of Pingxi, led his army to suppress the Yi Tusi in Shuixi, they ran out of food and had to use roof tiles and broken pieces of porcelain jars that contained pickled food to cook the wild vegetables they found. This desperate measure gave birth to the delicious Shuicheng Laoguo.

After 1992, the Shuicheng Laoguo moved into a storefront. Everything could be cooked in the pan – seafood, poultry, livestock, and vegetables. The dipping sauces also became more diverse.