Shuicheng Ancient Town


Shuicheng Ancient Town

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Hidden amidst the green mountains and clear waters of the western Yun-Gui plateau is Shuicheng Ancient Town, located in the central urban area of Liupanshui City. It is adjacent to Fengchi Garden, nestled by mountains and waters, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.

The ancient town of Shuicheng was built in the tenth year of Yongzheng and is called “Lotus City” because it looks like a lotus leaf floating on the water. With the theme of “culture” and “landscape”, the ancient town focuses on improving urban functions, protecting the characteristics of the old city, and retaining the unique architectural style and the architectural elements of the “three-line construction” period, is a unique ancient town that integrates nature, humanity, sightseeing, leisure, and vacation.

Rows of quaint buildings extend along the streets, exuding a sense of historical charm. The city has no tall buildings, but small bridges and flowing waters add unique elegance. It lacks the hustle and bustle of the city but retains a touch of liveliness. The ground floors are all storefronts, primarily operating eateries offering specialties such as hotpots. Due to the cool climate and fresh air, visitors are attracted to sit under the red umbrellas and tables set up by almost every household in front of their storefronts. This brings more tourists to the shops and forms a unique scenery.