Modern Folk Drawing in Shuicheng


Modern Folk Drawing in Shuicheng

by Live in Guizhou

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Modern folk drawing, also called drawings from farmers, is the new art created and developed based on traditional folk art combining local features by artists from various places when working. In the early 1980s, concepts of modern folk drawing were established, from which the folk drawings created in Shuicheng best represent it.

Creators of modern folk drawings in Shuicheng mainly come from skillful experts in local embroidery, wax printing, scissor cutting and carving. Features of Shuicheng folk drawings are to disregard the traditional ways of teaching in colleges and universities but to enlighten painters to apply what skills they have to their pictures, letting them observe and depict their world with their unique appreciation for art; they are encouraged to draw whatever they like in diverse styles.

Contents of drawings in Shuicheng mainly focus on local customs, living and production, natural landscape, festivals and entertainment, with exaggeration the primary way to express those themes and are always pregnant with meanings.

As for structures, they are described concisely and decoratively, with pure colors side by side while regardless of harmony among colors, thus forming a style integrated with a variable combination of lines and sharp contrast of colored areas. Features of those paintings are strong, elegant, exquisite while straightforward, and meaningful while simple. They are tinged with solid folk and local characters.