Longhorn Miao in Suoga


Longhorn Miao in Suoga

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: ddcpc.cn

The Longhorn Miao people mainly live in the villages around Suoga township, about 60 kilometers away from Liupanshui City in Guizhou Province. The Longhorn Miao is one of the largest Miao groups among the 120 Miao groups in Guizhou. For many years, this Miao group was untouched by tourism until over the past 17 years when the gates of their villages for visitors have been opened.

The Miao Village has breathtaking scenic views, making any visitor want to stay there and stare. The entire village is surrounded by karst mountains and with an abundance of natural air, light, animals, and birds. Visitors are warmly greeted in the Longhorn Miao Village as the villagers are very polite.

Women in the Miao Village are the real identity of the outside world. They are experts in embroidery and learn embroidery making at a very young age. Another important and most noticeable thing about the Miao women is the hair on their heads. To have an enormous headdress, girls’ mothers and grandmothers try to leave their hair by cutting it year by year. And they believe it is an excellent way to give their daughter a chance to remember them in the future and also offer the younger generation a bit of good luck.