Guizhou Third-Front Movement Museum


Guizhou Third-Front Movement Museum

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News, Eyesnews

Guizhou Third-Front Movement Museum in Liupanshui City is China’s first museum to focus on “the Third-Front Movement”. Visitors may see rare and precious artifacts on display, such as a steam engine, Dongfeng truck, and mechanical planer.

The Third-Front Movement was a massive industrial development by China in its interior starting in 1964. It involved large-scale investment in national defense, technology, primary industries (manufacturing, mining, metal, and electricity), transportation, and other infrastructure investments. The Third-Front Movement consists of the Big Third-Front Movement and Small Third-Front Movement.

The Big Third-Front Movement is the construction of China’s national strategic rear base, which is the central part of the movement. Its content includes establishing a national strategic rear base in China, mainly composed of the defense and primary industries, including transportation, postal, and telecommunications.

The Small Third-Front Movement refers to establishing light weapons production plants, including mortar, rocket launchers, rifles, machine guns, ammunition, landmines, and other industries such as transportation, postal, and telecommunications in the strategic rear areas of provinces. It mainly aims to meet the combat needs of local troops and militias in regional self-defense wars and to provide weapons and ammunition for field forces.