Zijiang Ground Crack Scenic Spot


Zijiang Ground Crack Scenic Spot

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: news.qq.com

Zijiang Ground Crack scenic spot is located in Longgang Town, Kaiyang County, with a planned area of 28,72 square kilometers. The scenic spot is about 50 kilometers from the county town and about 60 kilometers from Guiyang.

The scenic spot can be described as a gem among the scenic spots in Guizhou. Towering peaks and unique stone forests characterize its magnificent karst landforms. In some sections, the rivers seem to have been split open by a giant axe, forming narrow cracks where the rushing river water converges within a 1.9-meter-wide aperture, creating a spectacular sight. The vegetation in the scenic area is lush and vibrant, with forest coverage of over 80%. There is a great variety of plant and animal species.

Within the scenic area, numerous streams flow, countless waterfalls, and calcite deposits burst out in various forms, creating a breathtaking scene. The clear and high-quality river water adds to the beauty of the area. Especially noteworthy in the scenic area is the “Upside-down Stone Lotus”, which is formed by secondary deposition on a calcium carbonate base. This secondary deposition form is rare in the province and the whole country, making it a truly unique and remarkable sight.