Qianlingshan Park


Qianlingshan Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: dsyj.gov.cn, China News

Built in 1957, Qianlingshan Park is a unique park in the city. As a noted garden on the Guizhou plateau, it boasts clear waters, green mountains, tranquil forests, and old temples. There are several predominant scenic locations: Qianling Lake, Hongfu Temple, Kylin Cave, etc.

Qianling Lake was made by damming the Daluo Spring in 1954. The crystalline surface mirrors the green, gentle willows, ornately decorated, and finely built pavilions. On the western bank stands a memorial to the martyrs who died during the war for the liberation of Guizhou Province. Every Tomb-Sweeping Day, thousands of people go there to worship the heroes.

Hongfu Temple was initially built in 1667, and it is the largest temple of Zen Buddhism in Guizhou Province. It features majesty and sobriety. Hongfu means to develop Buddha’s spirits and to benefit humankind. Hongfu is “good fortune” in Chinese, an apt name for the temple considering its history.

Inside the Kylin Cave is a giant bell emulsion that looks like Kylin, called Kylin Cave in ancient times. As early as 1530, before the cave, there was a built temple, “Baiyi temple”. And a stone across the Kylin Cave in the distance is Tanquan Spring, a famous scenery in the past. But now it is the provincial cultural relic protection unit and the city of patriotism education base.