Nanjiang Gorge


Nanjiang Gorge

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Netease News

Nanjiang Gorge, located more than 60 kilometers away from Guiyang City, is characterized by its grand karst canyon scenery and diverse waterfall clusters, making it a scenic area of high aesthetic and scientific value.

The typical karst primitive forest in Nanjiang Gorge has not only created landscapes such as forests on rocks and trees embracing rocks, but also makes the scenic area all green and the air fresh. The waterfalls on both sides add charm to the great canyon. The steep canyon also adds a touch of grandeur to Nanjiang.

Walking along it, one can enjoy the beautiful scenery, drink spring water, breathe fresh air, bathe in the forest, climb the fitness mountain, and listen to the chirping of birds and insects, feeling as if in a fairyland. It’s no wonder that after visiting, Professor Wu Zunan, a well-known expert in geography and environmental protection from Hong Kong University , called it “Guizhou’s Shangri-La”.

The scenic area has been developed for 18 kilometers. Tourists can experience thrilling rafting along the river, take a leisurely stroll on the cliff plank road, and cross the typical karst primitive forest. The ethnic song and dance performance every night is unforgettable, and the natural spring swimming pool, the lifelike statues of Sakyamuni and Maitreya, and the myriad of Buddha statues on Wanfo Mountain that appear and disappear add to the joy of outdoor barbecue and crossing the river on a zip line, making for a happy and fulfilling experience.