Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park


Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park in Guiyang is located in the northern part of the central urban area of Huaxi District. It is the first national urban wetland park in Guizhou Province. Known for its mild and humid climate, and fresh and pleasing air, the region is an ecological “oxygen bar” and natural “air conditioner”.

As a rare urban wetland in China, it is connected by the Huaxi River, linking three scenic areas: Shili River Beach, Huaxi Park, and the Luoping to Pingqiao Sightseeing Agricultural Belt. As a plateau karst hilly area with a humid subtropical climate, it is a wetland park with a unique geological structure and location. This provides a rich and diverse landscape.


The Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park in Guiyang has natural river wetlands and river floodplains, as well as artificial rice paddies, ponds, ditches, and so on. Various types of wetlands provide safe places for various organisms to search for food, habitat and breeding. In addition, they create favorable conditions for popular science and scientific research activities in the wetland park.

In addition to natural landscape resources, the park also has rich and diverse human resources, including pastoral scenery, festivals, ethnic minority culture, and other distinctive features. The geological treasures of Biyunwo and the river beach landscape of Shili River Beach are both special landscape resources, and Huaxi Park within the park is known as the “plateau pearl” and is a humanistic landscape with national influence.