Baihua Lake


Baihua Lake

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Xinhua News

Baihua Lake is located in the northwest suburbs of Guiyang City, about 22 kilometers from the downtown area. And the lake lies about 26 kilometers from Guiyang Railway Station.

As a large reservoir, the water here is well preserved. The lake is famous for its natural landscape of water and hills. The enchanting scenery here is like that of the Li River in Guilin. Thus the scenic area was given the nickname – “Small Guilin”.

The Baihua Lake is divided into three parts by islets: the South Lake, Middle Lake, and North Lake. The water in the lake is clean and tepid, and the green hills standing by the lake resemble graceful beauties. There are more than 50 scenic spots here, and 23 of them are open to visitors. Bird island is one of the most famous natural habitats for different birds. When spring comes, hundreds of birds float over the island, which makes it a fantastic view for visitors.

Some dozens of families live on the islands in Baihua Lake and berth their boats by the islands. Therefore, Baihua Lake looks more poetic and picturesque in the mist. In spring, birds fly through the sky and widgeons play in the water. What a lovely scene! Besides, with all flowers blooming together in spring, the lake is in a blaze of color. And that is why the lake is given the Chinese name “Baihua” ,which means hundreds of flowers.