Zhenshan Village


Zhenshan Village

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News, CGTN

Zhenshan village is mainly inhabited by the members of the Buyi ethnic group. It has convenient transportation and is 21 kilometers from the city of Guiyang. It covers a 3.8 square kilometers area on a peninsula just out into the Huaxi Reservoir, surrounded by water on three sides.

It was initially built in the Ming Dynasty and served as the expeditionary troops’ stronghold of the dynasty. Surrounded by waters and mountains, the village is, in fact, an ancient stone castle. The village walls, gates, houses, and roads are all built with stones; even some daily utensils, such as pestles, grinders, bowls, managers, vats, jars etc., are made of rocks. They have a robust ethnic flavor.

All people are good at singing in Zhenshan Village. The boys and girls usually take every opportunity to make friends and choose their loved future spouses through singing in antiphonal style when they meet in the mountains or at a special place. The female villagers all excel in needlework and weaving. They can weave traditional clothes and make beautiful embroidery with various patterns. The Girls usually embroidered unique styles and presented them as a gift to their boyfriends.