Yangming Cave


Yangming Cave

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: gog.cn

Yangming Cave is on Longgang Mountain in northeastern Xiuwen County, Guiyang City. It was announced as a national critical cultural relic protection unit in 2006.

It is where Wang Yangming, a philosopher, thinker, and educator of the Ming Dynasty, studied and taught, and it is the birthplace and dissemination center of Yangming culture. It is renowned as the holy land of Wang’s philosophy and is hailed as China’s first philosophical cave. During his three-year exile in Longchang, Wang Yangming resided and studied here, where he had a profound realization of the essence of “investigating things and extending knowledge” and established the doctrine of “unity of knowledge and action”. This laid the foundation for “the innate goodness of human nature” and formed the core of Yangming’s Neo-Confucianism.

Wang Yangming also founded the “Longgang Academy” and renamed Dongdong as “Yangming Xiaodongtian”, which is now commonly known as “Yangming Cave”. He was invited to give lectures in Guiyang, which initiated a distinctive academic atmosphere in Guizhou, and made outstanding contributions to Chinese Confucianism.

With a long history, Yangming Cave is surrounded by ancient towering trees, complemented by pavilions and engraved stone tablets. It possesses rich cultural connotations and offers picturesque and pleasant scenery. It is where the traces of Wang Yangming’s activities are best preserved and the only existing ancient tree group in Xiuwen.