The Xifeng Concentration Camp


The Xifeng Concentration Camp

by Live in Guizhou

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The Xifeng concentration camp was the highest grade, most enormous scale and the strictest secret prison set up by the Kuomintang to imprison the communists and patriots. From 1938 to 1946, it imprisoned more than 1,200 communists, patriotic generals and other famous democratic figures.

The concentration camp site covers an area of 57,124.4 square meters and is now a critical cultural relics protection unit in the country. Xifeng concentration camp revolutionary history memorial hall is a national demonstration base for patriotic education, a national clean government education base, a national defense education demonstration base, a national 4A-level scenic spot, and one of the first batches of red tourism classic scenic spots in the country.

The memorial hall has two stories, including a lobby, four exhibition halls and a memorial hall. It exhibits more than 350 precious pictures and over 160 historical relics, using scientific and technological equipment, such as sound, light and electricity, to enhance the appeal of the exhibits.

Today, the memorial hall has become a national base of patriotic education and a national 4A scenic spot, integrating the collection and preservation of historical materials, the research and development of historical materials, exhibitions of cultural relics, the education and training of cadres, and red tourism.