Guizhou Forest Wildlife Park


Guizhou Forest Wildlife Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Baijiahao

The Guizhou Forest Wildlife Park is located in Zhazuo Town, Xiuwen County, just 35 kilometers away from Guiyang. The park is mainly focused on the exhibition and observation of wild animals and forest landscapes.

 It integrates the relocation and protection of wild animals, science education, breeding production, scientific research, providing the public with a comprehensive wildlife park for sightseeing, recreation, and entertainment. More than 80% of the animal populations in the park are national second-class and above protected rare animals. Natural landscapes such as small stone forests and karst caves make it a natural oxygen bar given by nature.

Based on the various karst landforms such as gentle slopes, mountain notches, wide valleys, and stone forests in the park, the wildlife park has been divided into different areas according to the ecological requirements of different animals, such as the rare animal park, animal performance venue, large animal free-range area, pheasant park, children’s animal park, large-scale amusement park, hotel catering, and eco-parking lot.

Each scenic area has been constructed according to the natural ecological environment and animal ecological habits of the park, demonstrating the animals’ bestiality, wildness, and spirituality with a rich and diverse natural environment. Visitors can even have close encounters with some herbivorous animals.