The Youshan River Scenic Area


The Youshan River Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The Youshan River Scenic Area is located in the northeast of Dafang County, separated from the famous Baili Azalea Forest Park by a mountain. Due to historical reasons and geographical limitations, this land has long been in a closed or semi-closed state. The outside world has only heard rumors and speculations about it, making it even more mysterious.

The Youshan River originates from the northern foothills of Jiulong Mountain and belongs to the Chishui River system. With its high mountains and low water, the river exhibits magnificent and dramatic changes, characteristic of the typical karst peak-cluster gorge terrain. The difficult transportation in this unique geographical environment of the Youshan River is no less challenging than the Jianmen Shudao (a historical mountain pass). It is precisely because of these difficulties that the connection between the Youshan River and the outside world is restricted. However, at the same time, it also limits the rate of destruction of the forest vegetation in the Youshan River, allowing a portion of the original forest and a large area of natural secondary forest to be preserved, with a vegetation coverage rate of over 80%.

In the Youshan River basin, lush forests and green shades can be seen everywhere, with dense pine and bamboo, ancient trees standing tall, vines clinging, and fragrant grass covering the ground. Rare and large plants can be found abundantly. Among the many precious plants, the Fujian cypress stands out.