Jiudongtian Scenic Area


Jiudongtian Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: ddcpc.cn

Jiudongtian Scenic Area has rare features both above and below ground. These include ‘u’ and v-shaped valleys, limestone caves, and underground streams. Some geologists consider Jiudongtian a marvelous natural phenomenon that outshines any other limestone region in the world.

The Liuchong River runs under the earth in the Jiudongtian Scenic Area. At this point, the river is named the Guazhong Underground River. Downstream, the underground river runs across mountain ridges and comes to the surface at nine points. This gives the appearance of nine pearls threaded onto a pearl necklace.

Tourists who travel along the underground river are amazed when the darkness under the earth is suddenly broken by bright daylight as the river momentarily surfaces. The nine caves have various shapes; some are like gourds, while others are shaped like an elephant’s leg. Each shelter contains spectacular karst features.

Furthermore, located in the second cave, there is the Jiudongtian Hydropower Station, which is the only natural limestone cave power station in China. Other features to be found in the caves include a large natural bridge, an extensive underground lake, and several waterfalls.