Jiucaiping Scenic Area


Jiucaiping Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: ddcpc.cn

Jiucaiping Scenic Area, located in Haiga village of Liupanshui city and Zhushi township of Bijie city, has been famous for its pleasant climate with an average temperature of 17.8 ℃ to 22.4 ℃ from June to August and was once selected as one of the “top ten famous mountains in China to avoid the summer heat”.There are two spots in the scenic area: Dajiucaiping (the big one) and Xiaojiucaiping (the small one).

Dajiucaiping has the world’s largest wild Chinese garlic chives and is the country’s only fantastic Chinese garlic chives protection area. The wild Chinese garlic chives bloom in July and in August and September, when they fully blossom, there will be a sea of its purple flowers, for which Dajiucaiping has been hailed as “Sapphire on the earth and Provence in the orient”.

The prominent peak of Xiaojiucaiping has an elevation of 2900.6 meters, the highest in Guizhou. Standing on Xiaojiucaiping, where the summit of Guizhou lies, you can see the floating clouds, enjoy the breeze and marvel at the peculiar stone forest at the foot of Xiaojiucaiping mountain.

Standing in the fierce wind at the top of Guizhou, the “lovers” have been with each other for millions of years. No matter how time flies, they stand there and stick to each other.