Baili Azalea Forest Park


Baili Azalea Forest Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

Baili Azalea Forest Park is located at the junction of Dafang County and Qianxi County in Bijie, Guizhou province. The natural azalea forest in the scenic area covers more than 130 square kilometers as the largest azalea scenic area in the country.

The Park is home to 23 rhododendron species, including four of the world’s five rhododendron subgenuses, accounting for one-third of 70-some rhododendron species in Guizhou. The flowers are in various colors. The incredible thing is that different flowers (up to seven types) can be seen on one tree in some places.

The scenic area is divided into the Jinpo scenic zone, Pudi scenic zone, a camping zone, a recreation zone, vacationing and leisure zone, and a reserve development zone. The Pudi scenic zone in Dafang County represents the essence of the scenic area. The flowering phase of azaleas is as short as two or three weeks every year. The best time to visit Baili Azalea Forest Park is from late March to April.

It is said that during the annual blooming season, female divinities sneak down from the heavens to the mortal realm to enjoy the flowers and sing and dance together with the young women among the flowers. That is why this is the ideal location for the flower festivals of the Yi and Miao peoples.