Datun Tusi Manor


Datun Tusi Manor

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News, Sohu News

Datun Tusi Manor is located in Datun Township, 100 kilometers northeast of Bijie City. The Datun Tusi Manor is large in scale and is one of the few relatively complete Yi Tusi manors in the country.  

The overall layout of Datun Tusi Manor is a three-way construction with roughly symmetrical central axes, and each road has three levels. There are several buildings on this road, including the East Garden, the Granary, and the Embroidery Building. The East Garden, also known as “Yiyuan”, is used to receive guests.

There are flower garden rooms in the park, and its architecture is very beautiful. The flowerbeds are scattered, the guest rooms are gorgeously decorated, the courtyard dam is paved with bluestone, and the courtyard walls are decorated. This is antique and very elegant. The buildings on the middle road have the lobby, the second hall and the main hall. There are stone dams or inner walls between the halls on each road. Tall brick courtyard walls and bucket arches are built under the eaves, which look simple and heavy.

The courtyard is more than 80 meters deep, more than 60 meters wide, and covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters. The various patterns of its stone, wood and furniture carvings have distinct characteristics of Yi culture and art. They are valuable resources for the study of nationality and folklore.